​​​​Our Focus

Art has always been an earmark of its time and culture. Our artists believe deeply that making art has intrinsic value for them, and that communicating their unique messages with viewers through their art is an essential aspect of their role. By doing this they are not only helping to document our time and experiences, they add to the visual gestalt that propels society forward.

TAL welcomes artists of all levels.  We introduce art to non-artists; support and excite artists-to-be in their first experience of creating, showing and selling their art; and encourage regional residents to develop their talent through self-discovery and sharing.

Furthermore, TAL is one of few 501 c3 non-profit art organizations in middle Tennessee that provides exhibit spaces for artists who are disadvantaged in their ability to create art. We are always open to community requests for additional ways we can carry out this aspect of our mission.

Tennessee Art League, PO Box 150742, Nashville TN 37215      

From the Board President

We manage multiple member-only shows in the Nashville area, challenging our artists to produce art for these opportunities to exhibit.  Our Events Page has the details.

There are also opportunities for leadership and teamwork in this league of artists. Monthly meetings of the Board of Directors are always open to members as valued guests.  

  • To get involved in serving disadvantaged artists, discovering even more venues, or getting answers to your questions email us at <thea.art@comcast.net>
  • Thea LaBonne for the Tennessee Art League

Our Installation Crew is exceptional.  

Join it to add your expertise, or to learn from the best.

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