Membership Application Form (printable)

Thank you for your interest in the Tennessee Art League. The TAL was founded in 1954 as a support group and social organization for visual artists and art lovers. Our mission is to provide opportunities for members to exhibit their work, liaison with other enthusiasts and assist aspiring artists.

New Member ____ Renewal ____ Date __________________

Name (Please print) _____________________________________________________ Title ______

Address _________________________________________________________________________

City ________________________________________________________ State ____ Zip ________

Land Line ____________________ Cell Phone _______________________ Call __ Text __ 

E-Mail ________________________________ Website ___________________________________

Please tell us about yourself. Attach a Biography, perhaps an Artist’s Statement and other information about your skills and interests.

If you would like to share images, we would love to see some of your latest work in the form of 72 dpi, 1200 pixels along one edge JPEGs. Please send them to

TAL is a non-profit volunteer-run organization. We ask for your involvement as we work on our mission   to promote art and artists. Here is a list of areas where your help would be greatly appreciated.

__ Digital Newsletter Staff:     __ Reporter __ Layout __ Photographer

__ Venue Discovery Team

__ Venue Management Team

__ New Member Recruiting and Orientation 

__ Meeting Planner

__ Art Installation Crew

In addition, would you be willing to help with, or do you need assistance with, Social Media or Website Mentoring? _______________________________________________________________________

Dues are $100 annually or $50 for six months, payable to Tennessee Art League, PO Box 150742, Nashville, TN 37215.

You may use PayPal from our website if you prefer, but be aware that PayPal     will debit your account each time your TAL membership fee is due.   You can change this preference     by contacting PayPal after the initial payment clears.

Welcome to the Tennessee Art League!




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